The Recording Process

This is a brief overview of the recording process.

This is just a basic outline and does not go into great detail but will give a quick description of the overall process.

1) Tracking

Tracking is the the part of the production process that people usually see in movies. It involves the recording engineer choosing microphone(s) placement and proper recording levels. This is also where the audio performance is recorded to the DAW. The recording needs to be clear without picking up background noises that could negatively affect the quality of the recording.

2) Editing

Editing the recording includes tuning vocals with Auto Tune, clearing up unwanted noise, trimming the tracks and prepping the tracking session for the mix.

3) Mixing 

Mixing the track is where all the levels and equalization is done. Sound effects and other creative decisions are made at this point in the recording process.

4) Mastering

Mastering is where the mix is checked and corrected for proper translation between different audio playback systems. There is usually a final round of equalization and compression during this portion of the whole process but is not mandatory. Usually the very final touches are when the engineer sets the audio to the level that it will be released to the distributors at. Any meta data that needs to be embedded in the track will also be done before the track masters are finally released.

The whole process can get very confusing, If you have any questions about any part of the whole process you are more than welcome to contact us. We will be more than happy to answer any questions and help you start working on your project. You can Email me at or call me/text me at 480-299-5778.

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